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Injury Financial can help

How can Injury Financial help me?
Injury Financial can give you a cash advance on your personal injury case so that you can live comfortably and pay your bills. Sometimes people are forced to settle early due to financial issues, but now you can hold out for the settlement you deserve!

Is this a loan?
No, this is not a loan. We give pre-settlement cash advances. The difference is, we require no pay back unless and until you get a recovery.

Who is eligible?
Anyone with a personal injury claim. The only requirements are an attorney must represent the plaintiff; there must be adequate insurance coverage and proof of liability and damages.

Do I have to pay back the money if I lose my case?
NO! Injury Financial takes all the risk. If you lose the case, you keep the money.

Do you need Personal References?
No, only details that pertain to you case.

Are there credit checks?
No, our only interest is in the merit and value of the case. There is no credit check, no application fee, no employment verification, no monthly payments and No re-payment till the case is won.

What do I need to do to get a cash advance on my case?
You need to fill out our online application and then your attorney needs to fill out an additional form giving us more background on the case. Once both forms are completed, we review the case and get back to you within 2 - 3 days.

Do I need to sign any papers?
You and your attorney sign a lien agreement. This assures us that the attorney will pay us back from the recovery. Contact us for a quote.

What is the charge?
The payback varies based upon how much you recover and how long it takes.

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Start the Funding Process now! Fill out the online application and we will get right back to you.
Injury Financial is not a loan company

Injury Financial makes cash advances on good personal injury cases

Injury Financial gets paid back the advance and a risk fee only if and when your case settles or is otherwise resolved.

If your case does not settle or come to a positive conclusion with payment being made, you owe Injury Financial nothing.

Injury Financial assesses the risk from information supplied by you and your lawyer.

Injury Financial charges no interest

Injury Financial requires no loan documents to be signed.

Injury Financial requires no credit application or credit checks.

Injury Financial has the financial strength to make small, medium or extremely large advances.

Injury Financial receives its risk fee based upon the amount of the advance, the size of the settlement and the length of time until repayment.


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